Hey, I’m Anne. I’m a wife and mama of 3. I’m a Nurse studying to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. And, that about wraps it up. Do I have time to blog, psssht, no. But, sometimes I have these thoughts and my husband owns a website business. So bam, I have a blog and a place to put my random thoughts! Welcome to the smorgasbord and probably a post per year!

I do love the name of my site. “Finding a Reason:: to CELEBRATE”
It’s all about changing our perspective to see there’s always something to celebrate, always something to be thankful for. My husband and I have friends and when we are together, we are always on the lookout to celebrate something (probably cause i’m always looking for an excuse to eat ice cream), it’s become a joke but I love it because it’s true, there is always something.

I remember after my Dad passed away when I was 20, I thought, “Ouuuuuch, I’ve met my hard quota right?!” Yeah, no. Life is just hard, there are endless difficulties. Some days its hard to look around at the suffering. But I do believe there’s is beauty in it and goodness that still abounds. I tell myself this cause I am probably the most pessimistic, throw that 1/2 empty glass out the window girl!

The goal of this blog…I’m honestly not quite sure…but I think it’s to share things that have been helpful to me. To share vulnerabilities. To celebrate when we can.